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    The information stored in the NSW is mainly administrative and the data is sent from reporting companies for the use of public authorities. However, all parties involved in maritime transport also need data for planning and operation.

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    Those are currently exchanged using various additional data transmission channels resulting in multiple messages and different data formats, which are likely to cause errors and inconsistencies. Objective The vision of NSW-Plus is that all parties involved are required to provide information relevant to maritime transport, e.

    The National single window deutschland NSW will be extended national single window deutschland security-related information and operational data on maritime transport and made available centrally by the NSW to the maritime industry.

    The result is a new service that brings significant benefits to economy and serves as a blueprint for all EU Member States. Implementation On the basis of content-related, legal and technical concepts, three pilot applications for the integration of cargo and transport data with respect to import and export, verified national single window deutschland mass and hinterland transport will be implemented and tested under realistic conditions.

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    The process follows the concept of an iterative, agile software development. The project also investigates exploitation aspects partnersuche region hannover as market acceptance, a viable operational concept and other aspects.